UR-CAVM conducts a one-day protein symposium

08 Mar 2023

The University of Rwanda-College of Agriculture, Animal Sciences and Veterinary Medicine (UR-CAVM) through its Research Center for Nutrition& Food Security (RCNFS) in collaboration with UNICEF and National Child Development Agency (NCDA), organizes a one-day Symposium on “Protein Symposium” in Rwanda on the following theme : “Strengthening protein-based dietary diversity in Rwandan diets” at Kigali Conference and Exhibition Village (KCEV) formally known as Camp Kigali.

This symposium brings together University scientists, students, and partners from both government and private institutions working in areas related to food and nutrition. The symposium is a great opportunity for participants to share their knowledge and learn from each other. It emphasizes on three thematic areas :
• Animal-source protein foods
• Plant source protein foods
• Ecology, protein sources and production

In his opening remarks, Dr. Raymond Ndikumana, the Deputy Vice Chancellor for Strategic Planning &Administration, appreciated the protein symposium as it is coming after the national dialogue which also discussed the issue of chronic malnutrition (stunting) among children under 5 years of age.
He emphasized that a good nutrition is the foundation of social and economic development of Rwandans and that is why the University as the only public University of Rwanda in charge of Research in collaboration with other public and private partners, has brought together the different stakeholders to exchange ideas on strategies for improving protein-rich foods availability and accessibility in Rwanda.

Different presentations and speeches were delivered during the symposium on enhancing protein-based foods in the Rwandan diets. Strengthening protein consumption requires African countries, including Rwanda, to diversify their protein sources and make them accessible to all segments of the population across all socio-economic clusters, age groups, activity levels, and physiological statuses.
Protein comes from the plant, animal, and novel sources. Animal source foods include meat, fish, eggs, and dairy products while plant-based foods are legumes such as beans, soya beans and ground nuts.

At the end of the event, partners were recognized for their role in the event organization, including UNICEF. International presenters as well as all participants were also thanked for their incomparable support to success of symposium.

Reported by : Jacqueline UMUPFASONI


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