Training on Research Methodology and data collection tools for SUVIs

23 Jan 2023

A Three days training and Induction Workshop on” Research Methodology and Data Collection Tools for Societal University Villages Initiative (SUVIs) Champions Under NCST Project” was conducted at UR-HQ Gikondo campus in collaboration with the College of Agriculture and National Commission of Science and Technology (NCST). SUVIs Champions, UR-CAVM lecturers and staff participated in the workshop. The training was facilitated by Prof. Alfred BIZOZA, the Project (PI) and two UR-CAVM lecturers.

The main objective of the training was to equip the SUVIs UR-NCST Champions with sufficient knowledge and skills on Research Methodology and Data Collection Tools for SUVIs Champions about the “Comprehensive Assessment of the Nexus between Poverty and Food Insecurity through SUVI approach in the Kivu Belt, Western Province, Rwanda.
During the training, different presentations were done including presentations on the SUVI approach, research project, food security and nutrition in Rwanda, poverty situational analysis in Rwanda, research methodology to be applied in the project, exercise on the catchment profiling, conducting literature review, Participatory Action Research (PRA) and ethics during research conduct.
The DVC-SPA, Dr. Raymond NDIKUMANA visits SUVIs UR champions on the final day of the training. During his remarks, he expresses the SUVI approach as way of allowing the UR to work closely with the Rwanda community. He advises SUVI champions to consider themselves not simply as collectors in the projector, but people who are thinking beyond the project. On the side of SUVI management, the DVC-SPA propose whether there will be a possibility to engage on going students in future project. He also proposes to create a data base for all SUVI research activities and finding, which can better used in the future. Finally, he recommends to find a way of bringing together all SUVI champions so that they can share each other experience from involvement in different research projects.

In his closing remarks, Prof. Alfred BIZOZA, thanked the participants who attend the workshop and wishes every SUVI champion success in working with his assigned community as this will contribute to the overall success of the project. “Explore, learn and be humble, you will get all information needed for the success of the research” Said BIZOZA.

Reported by : Jacqueline UMUPFASONI


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