Call for Application for data enumerators for the subprogram ofEngendering Rural Transformation/or Sustainable Development (ENTRUST), UR-Sweden program 2019-2024

21 Jun 2022

The University of Rwanda - the Department of Rural Development and Agriculture Economics of CAVM• UR- in collaboration with the Swedish University of Agricultural Sciences (SLU), Sweden through the Research Training Partnership Programme, Rwanda (2019/24) has received funding from the Swedish International Development Agency (SIDA), Sweden, to implement a research and training programme entitled : Engendering Rural Transformation for Sustainable Development (ENTRUST). The main focus of ENTRUST programme is to increase the understanding of rural transformation and its drivers using an inter• disciplinary approach. In addition, the programme integrates a gendered approach to examine the influence of policies on local economic development, agricultural entrepreneurship and value chains as well as in depth exploration of farming, food consumption patterns and health outcomes using micro and meso level data in Rwanda. This PhD training aims specifically to :

• position the theme of rural transformation both in the context of the UR teaching curriculum and research programme and with regard to sustainable development ; as well as meet the goals in higher education to make UR a prime research institution in the region and the continent, influencing policy and practice ;
• contextualise livelihoods. diversification of rural economies. and strengthen the role of the University of Rwanda in addressing socio-economic issues in relation to rural development, rural transformation, rurality, and gender ; and
• apply holistic approaches to understanding rural transformation as they relate to very specific SDGs (no
1-5, 8-11 and 16-17), Rwanda’s Vision 2050, the NST. Sector Strategic Plans in Rwanda, District
Development Strategies, and national retreat and dialogue resolutions.

The subprogram, along with capacity building of UR staff, aims at contributing to rural transformation and address major societal challenges through the use of the innovative Societal University Village Initiative (SUVI) approach of the University of Rwanda allowing a comprehensive participatory research.

The initiative helps to collect an in effective manner both qualitative and quantitative data which in tum help to generate evidence needed for policy and programmatic decisions.

To attain the main objective of this subprogram, the researchers will recruit field team/research assistants for its research activities known as "SUV ! champions". The champions will mainly contribute in development of skills at community level and assist in data collection in the study area covered by the subprogram. Before any field activity, research team will design and develop training materials necessary to capacitate the SUVI champions in areas of rural development and research methods before they are deployed to support in achieving the subprogram’s objectives.

It is planned to recruit 20 university graduates -with one female and one male recent graduate per village/district recruited in their respective target villages or districts guided by the following technical focus and responsibilities :

Technical Focus

• Contribute to different research activities under the subprogram with guidance of principal investigator and co-investigator.
• Support in data collection for the research activities to be performed by Masters, PhD and postdoc candidate(s) enrolled in the subprogram’s activities.
• Train members of their respective communities on different themes promoted by the sub - program
• Support the organization of policy consultations at local and national levels.

Tasks and responsibilities

• Gather baseline information as needed to inform joint research activities ;
• Establish regular pattern of regular data collection to inform the subprogram’s interventions ;
• Contribute to the training of program beneficiaries and actors in respective villages
• Contribute to the profiling of villages in terms of development challenges and opportunities with focus to poverty reduction and promotion of food security ;
• Propose innovative ideas for entrepreneurship in order to address some of the challenges observed during the tenure of the professional support.
• Inform the discussion on the research agenda and policy actions at community level in collaboration with local leaders.
• Share knowledge and capacitate members of the communities
• Participate in all capacity development and other events organized by the subprogram ;
• Facilitate policy dialogues and discussions at community level in collaboration of village leaders.
• Other tasks compatible with the project’s implementation.

Minimum Requirements

• Bachelor degree in agricultural sciences ;
• Being a fresh graduate of the University of Rwanda, College of Agriculture, Animal
Sciences and Veterinary Medicine (UR-CA VM) for the last 2 years with more than 70%.
• Resident of one of the target districts : Musanze and Gakenke
• Fluency in written and spoken Kinyarwanda and English is required ;

Key documents to support the application
The following documents are required to support your application : A motivation letter written to the Principal, UR-CA VM
A copy of bachelor’s degree or its equivalent
An attestation from the cell authority certifying that the applicant is a resident of Musanze/Gakenke district



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