UR- CAVM, Busogo Campus launches the Induction week 2019-2020

The University of Rwanda launched the beginning the 2019/2020 with an Induction week to new students joining year one. At the College of Agriculture, Animal Sciences and Veterinary Medicine of the University of Rwanda (UR-CAVM), located in the Northern Province, the exercise was launched by the Deputy Vice Chancellor in Charge of Institutional Advancement (DVC, IA), Dr. Charles MURIGANDE at UR – Busogo Campus.

The DVC IA, Dr. Charles Murigande welcomed new students and appreciated their choice to join the University of Rwanda, given the fact that there are other Universities which they could have joined in and out of Rwanda. He therefore asserted that the university has all and will do whatever it takes to ensure that they get quality education embedded with values and 21st century themes to make them flourish in life, become the citizens that the country expects.

He however challenged them to excel in all they do until Rwanda get the next Einstein. Students were requested to behave well and work hard together in order to make it to the end successfully.  The DVC IA further advised new students that in addition to the mastery of core courses, they should also grasp more of civic and health literacy because the country needs healthy fit for purpose graduates.

He called them to feel proud of being part of the largest learning institution in Rwanda which ranks higher at national and regional levels in terms of teaching and learning, research and community outreach. He called them not to betray the trust and investment of the country as they constitute future leaders of the nation.

The DVC IA also mandated the college management and academicians present to tirelessly offer their best to ensure that students are well trained to have blended education made of science, values and professional ethics. “As the largest public University, we should be training scientists without conscience” said the DVC IA,