School of Agriculture and Food Sciences

You are most welcome to the School of Agriculture and Food Sciences (SAFS)!

  I wish to take this opportunity to introduce the School of Agriculture and Food Sciences of the University of Rwanda. The School, one of the four forming the College of Agriculture, Animal Sciences and Veterinary Medicine, has the mandate to contribute to the   development of professionals with sufficient competence and technical knowledge towards achieving the agricultural transformation of the country,   enhancement of food self-sufficiency and promotion of the Rural and Agricultural Entrepreneurship development.

  The School provides through its teaching, research and outreach/extension activities, a wide range of skills to ensure graduands can favourably compete on labour market both at national and international level. A visit to the college website will provide a repository of intellectuals equipped with diverse expertise to enable us achieve our goals

The School has three (4) departments;

  • The Crop Sciences (CS),
  • Soil Sciences (SC),
  • Rural Development and Agricultural Economics (RDAE)
  • Food Sciences (FS)
  • in addition to three (3) Masters degree programmes, namely the
  • MSc Agroforestry and Soil Management,
  • the MSc Agribusiness and the MSc Crop Sciences and
  • one (1) PhD by research programme.
  • The programmes are delivered by 66 teaching and support staff to about 2024 students. The School hosts a number of Research Stations and Laboratory Infrastructure to offer adequate research environment and practical training. The training programmes are regularly reviewed to incorporate new scientific and technological insights in the Agricultural Sciences. Our programmes have a strong practical component, which incorporate relevant research and outreach activities. In partnership with researchers from other universities, and national and international research institutions, over the years, our staff have been involved in cutting age research in various fields, ranging from Agronomy, Crop Protection, Soil Sciences to Agricultural Economics, Agribusiness and Rural Development

Given that Agriculture is still the backbone of the economy and the main source of export earnings, the School of agriculture will continue to play a pivotal role towards improving livelihoods of the Rwandan population.  Consequently, significant breakthroughs have been made particularly in Diagnostics of Crop Pests and Diseases, Crop Improvement, Appropriate Crop Husbandry Technologies, Agricultural Marketability to provide extension and community services. Clearly our School will not have achieved its mandate without the support of its members of staff, the Principal of the College of Agriculture, Animal Sciences and Veterinary Medicine and under the strong guidance of our University Leadership.

Come and check us out!


Hilda Vasanthakaalam, Ph D

Dean, the School of Agriculture and Food Sciences