School of Animal Sciences and Veterinary Medicine

About the School of Animal Sciences and Veterinary Medicine

The SASVM of the UR is the only public place in Rwanda where animal scientists and veterinarians are trained. This means that our School will be the centre of expertise and point of reference for Veterinary Medicine Department and Animal production Department issues for the entire country, and increasingly for the region as well

  1. Improvement of productivity of farm animals (Livestock, Fish, Pet animals, etc.)
  2. Management of the wildlife and aquatic resources,
  3. Providing primary health and welfare care for a variety of types of animals,
  4. Monitoring food safety and the prevention of zoonoses, etc.

Our Vision:

By 2020 the UR will have educated the next generation of leaders, Animal Scientists and Veterinarians in Rwanda who are prepared and dedicated to building a more just and sustainable world

Responsibility for Strategic Positioning and pursuit of Strategic Goals as derived from the UR-Vision 2020