A one-day workshop for UR DTLEs and Academic staff

Directors of Teaching and Learning Enhancement and academic staff from all colleges of the University of Rwanda meet to discuss on the implementation of teaching and learning guidelines and processes at UR-CAVM, Busogo Campus.

The objective of the workshop intends to raise awareness and equip DTLEs and academic staff with practical skills on how they are going to facilitate students to acquire the key competences in terms of problem solving, critical thinking, leadership, collaborative work, creativity and innovation, communication and information literacy.


During the workshop, faculty members discuss on the existing UR guidelines pertaining with enhanced Teaching & Learning namely Guidelines on Project Based Learning Approach; Guidelines on Peer Review of Teaching; Guidelines on Setting Examination Papers-Formative Assessment Techniques and Summative Assessment and Guidelines on the 3rd Trimester for students in 4 & 5 years’ degree programmers. Additionally, participants present the newly developed online tool for Class Representative System and Students’ evaluation of module teaching and learning.


The workshop recommends the awareness of faculty members on the existing UR guidelines pertaining with enhanced Teaching & Learning. It is expected that the gained knowledge will boost the teaching & learning performance of CAVM academic staff.