Our Vision:Feed the World-save the planet

Our vision is to be leaders in soil sciences and enhance the global food and agriculture industry by providing a premier educational

experience,conducting high-quality research,and providing timely outreach services in the training of future soil scientists to implove

the quality of life and long-term sustainability of agricultural systems.


  • To develop knowledge of basic soil science and the interrelationships with plant nutrition and environmental quality
  • To educate undergraduate, graduate,and other students seeking knowledge in soil chemistry,soil biology and biochemistry soil origin and classification(Pedology),soil fertility,soil conservation and management,and Land management and environment management
  • To discover and develop principles of soil sciences through scientific investigation and to apply these principles to the development of new soil,and water management practices in agricultural, and natural environmemts;
  • To provide experiential training and learning opportunities for students to work with world-class faculty:promote diversity of ideas,and cultures; and to disseminate accumulated knowledge through teaching, and publication
  • To keep Rwanda's agriculture viable and competitive in the global economy