UR –CAVM and Jane Lichtenstein from Cambridge University meets to discuss on how to establish the University Village project.

On Tuesday,May 22rd, 2018,Mrs. Jane Lichtenstein from Cambridge University and Prof BIZOZAmeets UR –CAVM Officials to discuss on how to establish the University Village project. The main goal of the project will be to create sustainable change of the villages where the students are coming from and make a good networking with theirs communities.


After a brief presentation of the  of the project by Prof.BIZOZA, The principal of the college of Agriculture Animal Sciences and Veterinary Medicine, Dr.NYINAWAMWIZALaetitia ,  expressed her interest of the project .“  dispatching the student to work and make a change  in their respective villages is one of the mission of the colleges and also, she continue explaining that the mission of the college is teaching,  doing research, and transfer the knowledge gained to the rural areas for changing the livelihoods of the farmers by increasing the agriculture productivities.”


The discussion held with the students mentioned that if their parents made traditionallyagriculture and managed to feed them and pay school fees, they will also payback with transferring the gained advanced knowledge and to transform their villages.


The delegation also visited BUSOGO Sector, where they were welcoming by the Education officer who is an acting of the executive’s secretary of the sector. In his welcoming words

Mr Joseph highlighted that, it is wonderful to work with universities students in research and extension for changing the economy of the rural households”.


In her closing remark the Principal of UR-CAVM expressed her gratitude to the delegation for thinking on how the students can support their respective villages and she promised that the students of CAVM are ready to actively participate in project implementation .