UR-CAVM validates strategies to mainstream UR gender policy through the teaching and learning process

UR-CAVM validates strategies to mainstream UR gender policy through the teaching and learning process

“Rwanda’s interest is not just numbers but quality. There are stones, but when a stone is also gold it is referred to as a ‘precious stone’. We are not interested in having just Rwandan women but quality Rwandan women,” said H.E President Paul Kagame of the Republic of Rwanda, August, 2010

The University of Rwanda considers gender equality among its prime priority and it has adopted and approved its gender policy in 2016 in order to ensure that as a public higher learning institution contributes to the training of quality Rwandan women

It is against the above background that the College of Agriculture, Animal Sciences and Veterinary Medicine (CAVM) under support of NUFFIC and Q-Point organised a three days’ workshop to validate measures and strategies aiming at mainstreaming the UR Gender Policy into the College administration, teaching and learning services.


Prof. Rose Odhiambo responding to participants queries 

The workshop facilitator included Prof. Rose Odhiambo from Egerton University one of the most influential and leading gender academicians in Africa and Ms. Simone Langhorst, senior consultant at Q-Point.

In her opening remarks, Dr. Laetitia NYIANAWAMWIZA the Principal of CAVM and the University’s Gender Champion, highlighted the mandate of CAVM for providing the country with well skilled agriculturists, and this underlies the obvious assignment of creating a teaching and learning environment which priorities equity and equality for both female and male students.



Dr. Laetitia NYINAWAMWIZA, UR-CAVM Principal

The Principal also mentioned that CAVM embarked on its journey to becoming a gender equity and equality college with a number of activities whereby in 2013 the College Gender Committee was established, carried out gender needs assessment with the support of Q-Point to develop the UR-CAVM Gender Policy in 2015. In 2016 the UR-CAVM Gender policy was upgraded in partnership with the UR Center of Gender Studies (CGS) and other colleges to become the entire UR Gender Policy. 2016/2017 came with UR Gender Policy implementation strategy/ measures within CAVM.



Left to right Dr. Hamoud, Dr. Obed and Mr. Francois

Prof. Rose Odhiambo emphasized that universities which aspires gender equity and equality should make sure that programs curriculum are tailored in way that does not scare one specific group, ensures attractiveness to both girls and boys and embed enough thought which incorporate gender equity and equality in terms of pedagogy, content, assessment and resources and materials.

Story by Hubert BIZIMANA

E.A to the Principal