Agriculture State Minister visits Busogo Campus

Honorable Minister in charge of Agriculture, Fulgence Nsengiyumva paid a visit to the University of Rwanda - College of Agriculture, Animal Sciences and Veterinary Medicine. The visit was in line with disseminating and sharing with key actors in sector of agriculture the fourth edition of Strategic Plan for Agriculture Transformation also known as (PSTA4) Plan Strategic pour la Transformation de l’Agriculture (2018-2024).  

State Minister (C) poses with CAVM Principal

In her welcome remarks, the Principal of UR-CAVM Dr. Laetitia Nyinawamwiza declared that this year should mark the beginning of new close and strong partnership. She extended her welcome to all participants whom included Musanze Vice Mayor in Charge of Finance and Economic affairs, district and neighboring sectors’ agronomists; and president of IMBARAGA Farmers’ Cooperative among others.

Hon. Nsengiyumva noted that his visit marks the beginning of enhanced partnership between MINAGRI and the University of Rwanda, more particularly with CAVM as an institution that provides the country with well-trained agents in agriculture sector. He affirmed that agriculture remains a cornerstone of the economy thus, it needs to be shifted from traditional to modern and mechanized sustainable agriculture taking into account environmental impacts.

The PSTA4 envisions to leave Rwanda in a productive, green and market-led agricultural sector by ensuring food and nutrition security and economic growth by using modern agribusiness technologies and professionalizing farmers. He also called on CAVM researchers and students as young and educated people, to take the lead and transform the sector with the knowledge and expertise they are equipped with.

Nsengiyumva highlighted that MINAGRI is now determined to collaborate with higher learning agricultural institutions in terms of policy framework to influence the curriculum of academia, working with universities in research and extension, sharing with universities research topics, research projects co-supervision and allowing students to “learn as they earn” through internship incentives

Giving his testimony Mr. Regis UMUGIRANEZA a UR graduate in Agriculture Economics and Agribusiness stated how he failed to get a job and decided to start his own business in agriculture. He said that there are a lot of opportunities in agriculture and exhorted young people to join the sector.

Participants during the Minister Visit

“If our parents made it traditionally and managed to feed us and pay school fees, we young people with advanced knowledge, energy and support by the good leadership can do far better and transform the sector,” Regis said. He added that The University needs to extend internship for agronomists as it is with people doing education or medicine. He suggested the extension of internship and assign students to do innovative projects in agriculture upon which they can be marked which will ultimately make them be conversant with agribusiness.

In her closing remark the Principal of UR-CAVM expressed her gratitude to Hon. Nsengiyumva and the entire Ministry of Agriculture and Animal Resources for having considered higher learning institutions throughout the conception and implementation of the PSTA4. She promised that researchers and students of the University of Rwanda are ready to actively participate in policies and projects implementation aiming at developing Rwanda sustainably

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Story by Hubert Bizimana - Executive Assistant to Principal (UR-CAVM)

Published by UR Communication Department