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I welcome all visitors to the College ICT Unity. Information and Communication Technology is now a crucial part of modern life. Almost everything is affected by it, directly or indirectly.

The Unity of Information and Communication Technology (ICT), is charged with the responsibilities of deploying ICT infrastructure and services for administration, teaching, research, and learning to the College Community.

ICT Unity aspires to support:
• Access to high-quality electronic systems, networks, and technical support staff, sufficient to meet the needs of students, Schools, and staff throughout the College.
• Learning, research, and creative efforts of students and School in all disciplines.
• Integration of the most current information technology into instructional programs to prepare students to compete in a rapidly changing world.
• The critical information resources and services of the college.
• Services that meet student needs and improve student satisfaction and performance
The Unity fully supports teaching and learning programs, administrative support systems, and the community of students, and staff at the College. The Unity seeks to collaborate with academic Departments of the College to produce graduates who are knowledge workers,

sufficiently equipped with ICT skills befitting the 21st century environment.

The vision of the ICT Unity is “to transform the college into an automated work environment that supports Training, research and innovation for social economic development.”
“To create an environment where College community can use information and communication technology efficiently and effectively.
Our Targeted Services
• Ensuring that the College community has a standard and robust Website through a constant maintenance and updating of the site.
• Establishing an efficient and cost-effective ICT infrastructure that provides equitable access to local, national and international networks.
• Promoting Innovative Use of Information Technology that Adds Value to the academic environment
• Setting up College ICT applications that are reliable, secure, up-to-date and easily accessible.
• Providing ICT capacity building for staff and students of the College through various training programmes.
The Unity is committed to promoting knowledge and understanding of ICT among the College’s students and in the wider community and encourages critical thinking about the use of ICT and its importance for national development.

Service Staffs: 

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Network and System Administrator




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