Sport and Culture

Recreation and Sports in UR –College of Agriculture, Animal Sciences & Veterinary Medicine Mental and moral development is just not possible without physical development. UR –College of Agriculture, Animal Sciences & Veterinary Medicine therefore highly recognizes the critical importance of sports to the life of youths and to the training of a responsible citizen in addition to our core mission of equipping them with advanced skills in science and humanity. A sport is therefore considered not only essential but also indispensable for all-round development of UR –College of Agriculture, Animal Sciences & Veterinary Medicine staff and students. UR –College of Agriculture, Animal Sciences & Veterinary Medicine has a variety of sports and cultural activities.

Sports Activities

In general, the department of Sports and culture at UR-CAVM organizes the following sports and games .

• Football

• Volleyball


• Handball

• Karate

• Athletics

• Chess

• American football

• Swimming

• Marching

Every Friday afternoon is devoted to sports for staff.

All staff are encouraged to participate and choose to do a sports activity from the available ones like Football, basketball, Volleyball, Marching and Gym tonic. From time to time,UR-CAVM sports teams and clubs participate and represent the university in various national and international inter university competition such as;

Inter University games organized by FERWASCU (Rwandese Sports and culture Federation)

Inter university East African games

Never Again Tournament

Inter promotion competition Which is an internal tournament organized with the main aims of promoting the culture of sports in UR-CAVM community, creating cooperation, unity and team spirit among students. The tournament helps also UR-CAVM to build strong teams by selecting students with different capabilities to join the school teams. Friendly matches for both students and staff which are used for purpose of enhancing spirit of cooperation, Relationship and friendship with other communities.

Cultural Activities

The service of culture/leisure aims to maintain and promote the Rwandan cultural spirit among UR-CAVM community. To maintain this spirit of preserving the Rwandan cultural identity among members of UR-CAVM community, a number of activities are organized such as visits to the main historical and touristic sites, museums and different 1994 Tutsi Genocide memorial sites.

We also train students in cultural dance, drama and poetry.

The Students’ Cultural Troupe is used for entertainment at various institute events such as graduation ceremonies,election of Miss UR-CAVM...