Estates Services


 Estates  Officer

The Directorate is among various directorates of College of Agriculture Animal,Sciences and Veterinary Medecine (UR-CAVM) and is responsible for the management and strategic development of the UR-CAVM Estates.

Specific responsibilities include:

  •   Management of the University’s building (including other physical Asset).
  •   Determine and specify the method of construction to the standards and quality.
  •   Planned repairs and maintenance including the provision, maintenance and replacement of services infrastructure (with the exception of IT and Telecoms).
  •   Management and implementation of Minor Works.
  •   Management and provision of Security Services across the University Estate.
  •   University environmental sustainability
  •   Sustainable building and construction development within the University Estates Directorate
  •   Product management, including ordering, receiving, handling damaged products, request, distribution and returns


  • Mechanical Unity.
  • Electrical and Electronic Unity.
  • Construction Unity.
  • Plumbing Unity.
  • Guest Houses Services

Directorate staff members

NSANZIMANA Cassien Estate Officer.

Unit of Electricity and Electronic:

MANISHIMWE Innocent/ Electrician
MUNYAZOGEYE Jacques/ Electronician

Unity of Plumbing:

KAZIYAKE J Damascene/Assistant Plumber

Unity of Mechanics:

KABENGERA Egide / Driver

BIMENYIMANA Alexis / Driver

NIYONZIMA Leonard / Driver

Guest Houses Services

NYIRAMARORA Laurence / Guest house intendant

The Directorate is still focused on the management of physical asset of the university and its environment sustainability.