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University of Rwanda
Master’s of Sciences in Crop Science, area of specialization: Horticulture Sokoine University of Agriculture, Faculty of Agriculture, Tanzania Thesis: Horticultural Characterization of Selected Snap Bean Varieties, Diversification and Adaptation to Lowland Areas of Morogoro. Bachelor  in Crop Production and Horticulture Faculty of Agriculture University of Rwanda (Former National University of Rwanda) Memoir: Allelopathic effect of Eucalyptus Saligna leaf litter on maize growth.  PROFESSIONAL CAREER: February, 2012 – Up to date: Assistant Lecturer University of Rwanda, College of Agriculture, Animal Science and Veterinary Medicine (CAVM). September, 2016 – November, 2018: Assistant to the coordinator of Postgraduate programs in the School of Agriculture and Food Science Prof Francois Xavier NARAMABUYE, provides assistances in academic area to the students of MSc in Agriculture with specialization in Crop Science. February, 2015 - August, 2015: Program coordinator of crop science department in College of Agriculture, Animal Science and Veterinary Medicine (CAVM) of the University of Rwanda (UR) at Huye Campus RESEARCH/CONSULTANCY PROJECTS Year                  Project/Assignment July, 2016 – up to date: SEAD Project, horticulture value chain in Southern Province of Rwanda [as member of the value chain] November, 2017-March, 2018:  Research project on Effects of drip irrigation management on growth and yield of beetroots in Huye District, grant from SEAD Project [As member of the research project]. September, 2015-June, 2016: NICHE/RWA/100 (Horticulture research projects, installation of demonstration plots of various vegetable crops at Tonga research station) [as member of the Project]              27-30 April, 2015: Attended and participated in the training on Applied Research: Grant proposal writing, data collection methods and data management &analysis organized by NICHE/RWA/100 and NICHE/RWA/101 projects in collaboration with Nuffic and MDF through UR in CAVM. May, 2013: Participation on training on Quality Assurance and high learning institutional capacity building, organized by OHCEA in collaboration with USAID through Umutara Polytechnics July 2010 - June 2011: Master’s research entitled << Horticultural characterization of selected snap bean varieties, diversification and adaptation to low land areas of Morogoro>> 2009: Member of a group in the Household survey on sweet potatoes in Rwanda. “ DONATA Project”, a study initiated by ISAR and executed by ISAR’s consultancy Bureau. 2009: Member of group of crop scientist in the Household survey for Adoption, Use and Maintenance of Bench terraces in Rwanda. A study organized by Alfred R. BIZOZA, 2008: Research project entitled <<Spatial allelopathic effect of Eucalyptus saligna leaf litter on Maize > 2008: Member of a group of crop scientist surveyors in The “MUDUGUDU Development Project study”. A study initiated by MINALOC and executed by NUR’s consultancy Bureau. MAJOR PUBLICATIONS Year       Publications 2019         Elysée Ntiranyibagira, Francois Xavier Naramabuye, Thacienne Uwilingiyimana, Fabien Muhirwa, Andrew Kibogo, Gloriose Umuziranenge, Isaac Kayumba and Concorde Nsengumuremyi (2019). Design, Characterization and Geospatial Analysis of Physical and Socio-economic Indicators of Anthropogenic Pressures on Protected Areas in Africa, 9(1): 44-57, 2019; Article no.IJECC.2019.004 2018    Ntiranyibagira Elysée, Sambou Bienvenu, Abou Thiam, Naramabuye François Xavier, Uwiringiyimana Thacienne, Umuziranenge Gloriose and Muhirwa Fabien (2018) Water Resources Dynamics and Vulnerability in Rusizi National Park (Burundi) from 1984 to 2015, in the Context of Climate Change and Global Warming, 8(4): 308-331, 2018; Article no.IJECC.2018.019 2017       Thacienne Uwiringiyimana, Paul Mbongo Kusolwa, Marie Goretti Umuhozariho, Antoine Ruzindana  Nyirigira and Jean Pierre Niyonzima (2017)  Evaluation of growth and yield parameters of snap beans (phaseolus vulgaris L.) varieties in lowland of Morogoro, Tanzania. Paper presented in the University of Rwanda International Scientific Conference Week 14th-16th June 2017 in Kigali, Rwanda 2017     Guillaume Nyagatare, Jean Baptiste Muhinyuza, Laetitia Nyinawamwiza, Olivier Kamana, Denis Majyambere, Thacienne Uwiringiyimana, Rob van de Gevel (2017) Towards an entrepreneurial and destinations driven education system: Development of Service, Training, and Innovation Centres in Rwanda by SEAD. Paper presented in the University of Rwanda International Scientific Conference Week 14th-16th June 2017 in Kigali, Rwanda 2017   Uwiringiyimana Thacienne, Umuhozariho Marie Garetti, Kusolwa Mbongo Paul and Mamiro Delphine (2017) Evaluation of physical attributes of snap beans (phaseolus vulgaris L.) pods in lowland of Morogoro, Tanzania. Poster presented in the University of Rwanda International Scientific Conference Week 14th-16th June 2017 in Kigali, Rwanda.