Congratulations! Didace NDAHIMANA was awarded PhD in Food and Nutrition from South Korea

On August 22, 2018: Three years after joining Gangneung-Wonju National University, Didace NDAHIMANA of UR-CAVM received his Ph.D. in Food and Nutrition.

His thesis is entitled "Model Development and Validity Assessment for Predicting Energy Needs of the Elderly - Using Double-edged Potable Water and Indirect Calorimetry".

This paper summarizes the results of the HIS research project conducted with Professor Kim Eun-Kyung.

According to his interview with daily UNN website, Didace said that "the most difficult experience I had while studying in Korea was studying Korean language. Particularly, it was very difficult to prepare for the Korean Language Test. The most delightful thing was the first paper I prepared for my Ph.D. (Abstract) and I received the excellent oral paper at the 2016 Summer Clinical Nutrition Society of Korea. "

His dream is “to contribute to the development of food and nutrition in Rwanda using skills and knowledge gained at Wonju National University