CAVM-BUSOGO Campus Library is one of the important unities in Busogo Campus and their mission is to provide excellent services by promoting teaching and research activities to all UR-CAVM communities and outsiders.

BUSOGO Campus Library contains a variety of scientific information by which readers can found based on their demands and continue taking into consideration to the leaders’ wishes.

The UR-CAVM Library provides a variety of scientific information by which users can meet their needs:

- It counts a collection of books.

- It subscribes  titles of printed journals.

- The Library subscribes to 28 e-journals

- It facilitates free access to open e-resources

- It makes some Audio-video materials available..

To be able to provide the users with accurate information the library operates through three departments and different sections:

1. Internal services Department :
- Acquisition section

- Cataloguing andclassification section

2. External services Department :
- Periodical section

- Circulation desk/loan section

- Reference section

- Documentation center section

- Rwandese collection section

- Audio-video documentation section

3. ICT(Iformation and Communication Technologies)department.

It is a new helpful department that is supporting appreciably the above mentioned sections. For example :help desk, web site development,databases management,....

Busogo Campus Library offers an adequate service to its readers with the capacity of 150 seating places in one room and
again in other new reading and ICT room that could accommodate 200

seating places including computers connected to internet for Electronic Information Retrieval.

This new room is also used by students/researchers to access some electronic journals that Busogo Campus Library gets subscription every year or permanent.


UR-CAVM Busogo Campus Library remains open its doors to the public according to the following schedule:

Monday to Friday: 07H30 am-22H00 pm 

Saturday: 08H00 am- 01H00 pm

Sunday: 05H00 pm- 22H00 pm