CAVM day at Huye Campus

Over 400 students were gathered at UR Huye Campus on 16th December 2017 to join hands together for “Umuganda” as organized by year 1 programme coordination team under the College of Agriculture, Animal Sciences and Veterinary Medicine, supported by some staffs from Huye Campus under CAVM. Students were from Year one Programme (registered in Forestry, Agroforestry, Soil Sciences, Food Sciences and Technology, Crop Production, year two to year four Forestry and Nature Conservation, Horticulture, Agribusiness and Veterinary Medicine, Irrigation and Drainage, Agriculture Mechanization, and Animal Production departments), and students representative from Zoology & Botany and Conservation.


Students and staffs during the Umuganda on CAVM day

Why CAVM day

As explained by the year one program coordinator Mr. Mapendo Mindje, bringing together staffs and students for a common extra-curricular goal strengthens the interaction between a student and staff and this inspires students for team work and team spirit that support their learning processes. He highlighted that students have project ideas and therefore should start bringing them out such as through creation of clubs or associations that aim to become more focuses on entrepreneurship under guidance and mentorship of their lecturers to create something that should be beneficial to broader community.


Mapendo Mindje, year one CAVM Program coordinator and initiator of the CAVM day

He informed that, the CAVM day will be a continuous program where different activities will be planned and target societies around the UR campuses so that students leave the university with a mind of social responsibility. This day was made of a number of activities that englobed the cleaning of the environment around which the CAVM programs operate. The activities included, Former Facagro bush clearing by removal of exotic species (Lantana camara), Pruning of trees, reduction of grasses and majorly around 100 agroforestry trees of Caliandra spp species were planted all around the greenhouses by the help of Students from Forestry and Nature conservation through their association namely Rwanda Forest and Nature Conservation Association. The purpose of clearing the greenhouse was to expose these facilities to CAVM students so that they start thinking of new clubs and associations that can use available UR facilities in order to build their career as students but also thinking for the future as future Rwandan workforce.


This was a remarkable day at Huye Campus where students gathered in an afternoon session to interact, share ideas, motivations and inspirations and above all planning together more other activities to bring together staff and students.

Students associations under CAVM at Huye Campus being Rwanda Forest and Nature Conservation and Rwanda Biodiversity Conservation Club motivated fellow students to also create associations so that more innovations are created to contribute to self-career development but for the Country at large.

Inspiring students to create associations and clubs will start with this academic year 2017-2018 where each department will be prepared to create a club that bring all students of the department together in order to create more activities that are in line with what they study and beneficial to their academics as well as to the society at large. This will be supported by a campus based organization namely Igihango Investment Group Ltd where students can save little money in cooperation in order to start own businesses as explained by Mr. Gerard Mporananayo, the managing Director of the organization.

One among the future plans was “akagoroba k’abakobwa” (a night of ladies) where Mrs. Uwamariya Veneranda, administrative assistant to the year coordination of CAVM at Huye Campus will start various sessions to meet with female students for various discussion to build a future Rwandan woman.

Moreover, Mrs. Veneranda reminded students that each one should follow what his/her conscious (inner voice) recalls about team work and team spirit and thanked all those whose conscious motivated to be part of the Umuganda to make the CAVM day a success.


Uwamariya Veneranda giving a remark to students about consciousness in team work-team spirit.

The evening session was closed by the year one Program CAVM coordinator who called students to remember that whatever they do at the University, whatever they are in while at school are what make their recommendation letters. He explained what this letter entails and called every student to build an own recommendation letter so that wherever asked either for further education or Jobs after undergraduate studies, the University can be able to recommend them based on their competences, knowledge, peer interaction and influence, friendliness above all the “know how” in order to qualify as a competitive candidate for future opportunities.


A group photo after the evening session of interaction