UR-CAVM Celebrates the Labor Day

1st May 2019, UR-CAVM, Busogo Campus community celebrates the labor day under the theme “Umurimo unoze, Umusemburo w’Iterambere rirambye” “at Virunga Hotel.
Speaking to the event the Director of Administration & HR welcomes the staff and students to the event and gives to them a history of the labor day, how, when, why and where it started and the good impact it has brought to the employee life in the world. He says that either teaching nor administration, expectation from the employee is good performance. 
The representative of Academic staff, Mrs Alice NAYABO challenges its colleague on good service delivery, lack of Practices and few scholarships to UR students due to incompetent students. She also underlines serious punishments which are set for those who don’t report at work from May 2019. 
The representative of Administrative staff, Mrs console MUSABWAYIRE mentions some achievements to the well-being of Busogo community such as a Modern restaurant to be opened soon after procurement procedures and the school fees for a UR staff, husband and children which was reduced to 50% of the normal cost.    
Dr Laetitia NYINAWAMWIZA, Principal of UR-CAVM who was also the guest of honor thanks the staff who are responsible of their duties in order to fulfill the UR mission and vison. She requests every one do a self-assessment regarding the service delivery, planning skills, decision making skills, punctuality and team work spirit at work.  She highlighted the absenteeism of academic staff at work which is alarming the University of Rwanda and MINECOFIN as well, and hence causes negative impacts to students “DO YOU KNOW WHO WILL BE A LECTURER OF YOUR CHILD? MAY BE IT IS THE STUDENT YOU ARE TEACHING” Said Laetitia  
Starting by 1st May 2019, the salaries for academic staff will prepared after reporting their attendance through finger print machine, but they are allowed to tap in finger print machine any time they arrive at office.    
After her welcome remarks, she requests every staff to write on small piece of paper a quote that can inspire UR –CAVM community so that all quotes can be compile and be used in UR-CAVM, Busogo campus’ corridors. Together with the representative of Academic staff, they deliver the a check of four hundred thousand Rfs to a student who need expensive medical treatments.