welcome to UR-CAVM alumni

Dear Alumni,

Greetings to you all and welcome to UR-CAVM alumni section.

We know that UR-CAVM alumni are everywhere, and are doing impressive things—from educating students to leading nations. We also know thatyou carry UR-CAVM with you every day. When you need guidance, you turn to UR-CAVMconnections. And you may go out of your way to help this great College continue to thrive.

We thought that UR-CAVM Alumni Association would bring alumni together to support one another and CAVM throughout their lives.With the Alumni association, you canget help managing your career, network with and mentor students and alumsparticipate in alumni programs and events, etc.

It is within this context that the Career Guidance Unit Office is introducing a survey form to help us capture relevant data from UR-CAVM Alumni. Later on, an Alumni website will be developed through which, the Career Guidance Unit Office will keep you in touch with your fellow Alumni. It will also serve to uphold the CAVM spirit in order to help recover old friendships and possibly create new ones.

Wherever you may be located, the UR-CAVM Alumni website will serve to reconnect you with fellow Alumni around the world and keep you connected to CAVM.

The Career Guidance Unit requires you to update your records with them by logging and filling in the required information.