Department of food science and Technology


The Department of food science and Technology was established in 1999 with the mission of training highly skilled personnel to address the needs of Agricultural products

Department of Food Technology Staffs

processing, conducting re-search and community outreach activities.
For the Academic year of 2013-2014, the Department has 295 students, being trained for the bachelor’s Degree in food science and Technology.
The Department has 1 Campuses:

  • BUSOGO Campus

It is recognized for the quality of teaching and research it offers. It has four modern labs with excellent equipments. Through the dynamic research activities in the Department staff update their knowledge and share with colleagues and students by engaging them in research. At the FST Department we teach the science of foods, the principles and the techniques behind them and the scientific approaches to maintain the nutritional quality and safety of foods. We also reach out to the community with solutions to enhance the quality of life of the communities in which we live.
Deliver quality teaching on different subjects concerning the processing and preservation of agricultural and animal products.
Conduct research in the field of food processing and quality assurance.
Contribute to the community development, through technology transfer activities.
The Rwandan community with improved access to safe and healthy food products, through the intervention of qualified people in the Area of food Science and Technology.
Increase the number of qualified Food Technology, able to solve the problems related to processing and preservation of food.
Contribute to food security and quality improvement and sustainability in Rwanda.
Contribute to the enhanced quality of produced and marketed food products.
The department delivers a bachelor’s degree in food Science and Technology (4 YEARS).The recent promotion to a school level has enabled the department to formulate several programs that are in the pipeline.
The purpose of the program is to develop an understanding of the chemical behavior and physical properties of food constituents in the context of their manufacture and storage, particulary from the stand points of safety and nutritional attributes. This program helps to prepare students well for numerous job careers. A graduate of food Science and technology will be well prepared to play a key role in research and technical divisions within food companies and associated organizations for food safety and regulation, as well as in managing food production along the value chain.

Dynamic research oriented staff  
5 PhD holders

15 MSc holders
1 BSc holder
Well-equipped Laboratories
Food Microbiology Labs
Food Analysis Labs
Food Processing Lab
Food Engineering Lab

Pilot food processing plants
Bakery Unit
Milk processing unit
Meat Processing Pilot Plant
External Funded researches
Harvest Plus and in collaboration with RAB
Research publications
Staff and Students actively participate in Research publications
Community Extension
Staff and Students frequently participate in community extension.
Participation in different forums
Staff contribute their expertise at different forums at RBS, NAEB, RAB and MoH

Head of Department