Dot Rwanda in partnership with UR-CAVM hosted a Consultative meeting at Busogo Campus on developing a strategy to discover hidden opportunities for the Students Careers Employability Services

Since 2015, DOT Rwanda is in partnership with UR-CAVM  and IPRC West for transforming students career centers into centers of excellence.It is in this framework that DOT Rwanda with GIZ launched a six months You Match program since mid September 2017 in these both Universities .

On 14th November, 2017 at UR-CAVM, DOT Rwanda in partnership with GIZ/YouMatch, UR-CAVM and partners brought together 33 stakeholders of the project “Enhancing career development through partners between schools and employees” for a consultative meeting to develop a strategy to discover hidden opportunities for students employabilities.

Moderated by Linkage Points Business Solution (LBS), a firm on board to develop this strategy, the participants discussed the market and employment opportunities using value chain tools, and the latter refers to series of organizations, actors, resources, knowledge and channel involved to create and deliver the value/product to the customer.

Aiming at finding out the market gap/ potential missing services, participants discussed on some questions, which include knowing the customers, their high and lower needs and different Institution’s strategies to meet those needs.

This one-day workshop in UR-CAVM brought together 33 people from the private sector, alumni, UR-CAVM staff, and public servant who will support the learning experience of the beneficiaries of this project

DOT Rwanda is basing on its proven peer-to-peer model to establish an Integrated Career Development Center (ICDC) in UR CAVM and IPRC West. The ICDC program will provide sustainable career services to the students to become peer-to-peer coaches and to have access to information on the local labor market.

The peer-to-peer coaches who will be deployed in the ICDCs are trained to discover and profile hidden opportunities, deliver training and coaching on opportunity mapping, employment readiness skills, business creation, employment solutions and coaching skills.

The project establishes a strategic environment, which creates a mutually beneficial relationship between employers and the colleges leading to the creation of a conducive partnership that provides students with on the job experiences in return for value provided to the employer.