UR-CAVM and Pig producers committed to improve National Pig Production Capacity

On this Monday 13th February 2017, at the University of Rwanda, College of Agriculture Animal Science and Veterinary Medicine, Busogo Campus, started a five day working sessions ofpig producers from Musanze, Nyabihu and Burera District. The main objective of this working session is to share with farmers the knowledge and results of researches on pigs with emphasis on improving their productions both in quality and quantity.   

In her opening remarks, Dr. Laetitia Nyinawamwiza, the Principal UR-CAVM reiterated the overall mission of the University that of teaching, doing research and transferring agricultural innovations and technologies that generated by students and researchers, hence its contribution to the national development agenda.  She continued her remarks, by reminding the participants that it’s in the mandate of UR-CAVM to seek solutions for farmers ‘challenges and problems: ‘’The University is here for you, doors are open and if you have any problems, please don’t hesitate to contacts your College’’ Urged Principal.

Speaking on behalf director of Research, Mr. Denis Majyambere, said during this working session, an emphasis will be given especially to the componentsof Pig production improvement,breeding, nutrition, healthmanagement,husbandrypractices (including housing), marketing, villagepoultryproduction,commercial poultryproductionand poultry entrepreneurship.

The working session is fully coordinated by the College directorate of Research, Innovation and Postgraduates Studies under supported of NICHE/RWA 173 Project.

Story by Nyabyenda Jean Paul