UR and AFRINET embarked in a joint project on value addition of Tomatoes

17 Aug 2023

The University of Rwanda-College of Agriculture, Animal Sciences and Veterinary Medicine (UR-CAVM) in collaboration with AFRINET SOLUTION Ltd organized a one-day Inception Workshop for the Project titled “Improving Food Security through Production and Value Addition of Quality Tomatoes” at UR-Nyarugenge campus. It aimed to officially launch the project and provide stakeholders with an overview of its objectives, strategies and expected outcome. The workshop brough together a diverse group of participants including agricultural experts, researchers, government officials, representatives from local farming communities, and project partners.

The objective of the project is to contribute to food security by enhancing the production and value addition of high-quality tomatoes in the region. The project recognizes the significance of tomatoes as a staple food and seeks to address challenges related to production, postharvest losses, and limited value addition opportunities. Representatives from UR and AFRINET SOLUTIONS Ltd shared insights into their collaboration and emphases the importance of engaging local communities, farmers, and other stakeholders throughout the project’s lifecycle.

In his opening address, Dr. Guillaume NYAGATARE, the Principal of UR-CAVM provide the context for the project and its importance in addressing food security challenges. He mentions that the workshop will provides a platform for participants to engage in discussions and share their experiences, challenges, and recommendations related to tomatoes production and value addition. Participants gained valuable insights into modern tomato production techniques, post-harvest management, and value addition strategies. It was a good moment of networking and knowledge sharing among diverse stakeholders, fostering a sense of community engagement.

The Inception workshop for the project “Improving Food Security through Production and Value Addition of Quality Tomatoes “marked a significant step toward addressing food security challenges in the region. By promoting the cultivation of quality tomatoes and introducing value addition techniques, the project aims to enhance both agricultural productivity and the overall food security landscape. The collaborative efforts of the University of Rwanda, AFRINET SOLUTIONS Ltd, and other stakeholders are poised to bring about positive changes in Production and Value Addition of Quality Tomatoes.


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