Olive Tuyishime

22 Jun 2023

Email : olivetuyishime2@gmail.com
Phone : +250788527700
PhD Candidate/Swedish University of Agricultural Sciences Academic Staff/ UR-CAVM

At the University of Rwanda’s College of Agriculture Animal Sciences and Veterinary Medicine, Olive Tuyishime works as a soil scientist and researcher.
She received her Bachelor of Science in Crop Production and Horticulture from the former National University of Rwanda and a Master of Science in Integrated Soil Fertility Management from Kenyatta University in Kenya. Olive is pursuing her doctoral studies in Soil Sciences, specializing in Agricultural Water Management at the Swedish University of Agricultural Sciences.

Olive’s research focuses on optimizing agricultural production while minimizing negative environmental impacts. She has written and co-authored journal articles in refereed journals and international
conference papers. Olive received a two-year fellowship from the African Women in Agricultural Research (AWARD) in 2011-2013, which enhanced her research and leadership skills. She was a member of the Soil Science Society of America (SSSA) from 2013-2015 and is presently a member of the scientific committee of the International Conference on Business Models in Agriculture (IBMA) and the FAO International Network on
Salt-Affected Soils (INSAS).

Olive aspires to improve small-scale farmers’ livelihoods by making research more impactful and engaging them in problem-solving based on research findings.

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• Tuyishime, O., Joel, A., Messing, I., Naramabuye, F., Sankaranarayanan, M., Wesström, I. (2020). Effect of drainage intensity on water and nitrogen use efficiency and rice grain yield in a semi-arid marshland in Rwanda. Acta Agriculturae Scandinavica, Section B-Soil & Plant Science 70, 578-593.

• Habimana S., Nyirabuhoro J., Mukamuhirwa A., Tuyishime O., (2014). Impact of plucking interval on tea productivity and green leaf quality," International Journal of Soil and Crop Sciences 2, 68-72.

• Tuyishime, O., Sallah, P.Y.K., Habimana, S. (2014). Performance of elite Maize composites and population Hybrids in the mid-altitude zone of Rwanda. Scholary Journal of Agricultural Science 4, 521-525.

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