Mr NSabimana Straton is an Assistant Lecturer

05 Jan 2023

Mr NSabimana Straton is an Assistant Lecturer and teaches different courses related to economics in the department of Rural Development and Agricultural Economics. In collaboration with other academic researchers from the the University of Rwanda and other research institutions, he participated in the publication of the following papers in the field of agricultural economics :
1) Kabayiza A., 2Muhire R., 1Nsabimana S., 3Kabarungi M., 4Ningabire Y.B. and 1Niyitanga F. Effect of exchange rate volatility on Rwandan coffee price and export volumes https://www.ajol.info/index.php/as/article/view/219412 ;
2) Manishimwe Rosine, Niyitanga Fidèle, Nsabimana Straton, Kabayiza Alexis and Mutimawurugo Marie Chantal, (2019), Socio-economic and institutional factors of the Irish potato production at smallholder farmers level in Gicumbi district in Rwanda. A paper reachable at : https://popups.uliege.be/2295-8010/index.php?id=612 ; 3) P. Uwimana1, C. Mugemangango2, Prof. Mary Kipsat3, Prof. Timothy Sulo4, S. Nsabimana5 : The causal linkage between the quantity of tea exported (1982-2012) and its determinants in Rwanda.
A paper accepted to be presented at University of Rwanda (UR) Scientific Conference Week. (14th -16th June, 2017) and published in the first Rwandan Handbook of social and economics. This handbook is freely downloadable from : http://ju.se/jibs/en/ and http://www.cbe.ur.ac.rw/.


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