14 Dec 2022

Academic rank : Lecturer
Area of specialization : Horticulture
Telephone : 0788678577
Email : chantalmutima@gmail.com
Marie Chantal Mutimawurugo is a young woman PhD graduate and researcher in Agriculture with specialisation in Horticulture from the Department of Crop, Soil and Horticulture at the Egerton University/Kenya, where she graduated her doctorate in June 2021. She has a MSc degree in Horticulture from Wageningen University in the Netherlands, and BSc degree in Crop Production from the Higher Institute of Agriculture and Animal Husbandry (Former ISAE)/Rwanda. Chantal is a Lecturer at the University of Rwanda-College of Agriculture, Animal Sciences and Veterinary Medicine (UR-CAVM) since 2011 teaching different components related to horticulture including Horticultural Plants Propagation and Identification, Fruit Production, Vegetable Production, Floriculture, Ornamental Plants Production, Nursery Stock management, Quality Management in Horticulture, and Post-harvest Technologies. Her PhD research focused on potato protection against bacterial wilt (Ralstonia solanacearum Smith) by using selected plant extrcats in Rwanda. Her most interest research fields concern the horticultural crops production, protection, and post-harvest handling, especially in Olericulture, Pomology and Floriculture. Dr Chantal is also the Year Coordinator at Busogo Campus since August 2022.
• PhD Thesis : Evaluation of Efficacy of Selected Plant Extracts for Management of Potato Bacterial Wilt (Ralstonia solanacearum Smith) in Rwanda. Carried out in Rwanda and Kenya under sponsorship of Netherlands Organization for International Co-operation in Higher Education (NUFFIC).
• Master’s Major thesis : Cloning and functional characterization of temperature responsive genes in Ricinus communis L.’’. Wageningen University and Research Centre (The Netherlands)
• Master’s Minor Thesis : Understanding the two directional gradient in growth of tulip axillary buds’’. Wageningen University and Research Centre
• Final research project for A0 (Bachelor) Award : Effects of integrated fertilizer application on selected soil properties, nutrient uptake, and maize yields. Case study of Rusatira Sector, Rwanda’’
• Final research for A1 Award : Effects of different avocado varieties on the success rate of grafting. Case study of ISAR-Ruhande, Rwanda.
• Others : Participatory varietal selection and high-quality planting materials to sustain and improve potato harvests in Rwanda’’, under the Fresh PhD grant from UR-SIDA
• Effect of fertilizers and storage methods on yield, quality and shelf life of carrot in Rwanda’’, under the Fresh PhD grant from UR-SIDA.

Conference attended and Presentations

• National Consultative and Validation Workshop on ‘’East African Community Post-Harvest Loss Management (PHLM) Strategy and Action Plan for Fruits and Vegetables Value Chain’’ held in Rwanda.
• Plant Biologicals Africa Network workshop in Pretoria/South Africa, organized by SLU (Swedish University of Agricultural Sciences), SABO (South African Bioproducts Organisation) and ARC (Agriculture Research Council Pretoria). Presentation : ’Use of botanicals in crop protection in Sub-Saharan Region’’
• Sustainable Agriculture Development. Organized by Nanjing Agricultural University and Egerton University and held at Egerton (Kenya).
• Sustainable Potato Value Chain and Curriculum Development in Rwanda held at Musanze, Rwanda by Q-Point project/NUFFIC.
• Online China-France-Africa Tripartite Forum on Horticultural Research and Innovation. Presentation : ‘’Use of botanicals, an alternative biological control of potato bacterial wilt (Ralstonia Solanacearum Smith)’’.

1. Jean Baptiste Muhinyuza, Aphonsine Mukamuhirwa, M. C Mutimawurugo, J.D Mazimpaka, D.G. Muhinyuza, O. Rodomiro (2022). Participatory assessment of potato production systems and cultivar development in Rwanda. Accepted paper in Journal of Sustainable Agriculture
2. Nkundabashaka V., S. Habimana, R.Niyonkuru, C. Kayijuka, A. Karangwa, S. Rumanzi, F. Rwalinda Musana, E. Mutamuliza, and M.C. Mutimawurugo (2021). Assessment of water requirement for rice crop at Cyabayaga wetland in Nyagatare District, Eastern Province, Rwanda. African Journal of Biotechnology, Vol. 20(10), pp. 389-397, October 2021. DOI : 10.5897/AJB2021.17390
1. M.C. Mutimawurugo, J.O. Ogweno, J.B. Muhinyuza and I.N. Wagara (2020). In vitro antibacterial activity of selected plant extracts against potato bacterial wilt (Ralstonia solanacearum Smith) in Rwanda. Journal of Applied Horticulture, 22(3) : 202-208, 2020
2. M. C. Mutimawurugo, I. N. Wagara, J. B. Muhinyuza and J. O. Ogweno (2019). Virulence and characterization of isolates of potato bacterial wilt caused by Ralstonia solanacearum (Smith) in Rwanda. African Journal of Agricultural Research Vol. 14(6), 311-320.
3. R. Manishimwe, F. Niyitanga, S. Nsabimana, A. Kabayiza and M-C. Mutimawurugo (2019). Socio-economic and Institutional Factors Influencing the Potato (Solanum tuberosum L.) Production at Smallholder Farmers Level in the Gicumbi District in Rwanda. Tropicultura, vol. 37, 1-9.
4. Natalia M. Moreno‑Pachon, Marie-Chantal Mutimawurugo, Eveline Heynen, Lidiya Sergeeva, Anne Benders, Ikram Blilou, Henk W. M. Hilhors and Richard G. H. Immink (2018). Role of Tulipa gesneriana TEOSINTE BRANCHED1 (TgTB1) in the control of axillary bud outgrowth in bulbs. Plant Reproduction, vol. 31, 145–157.
5. Paulo R. Ribeiro, Leo A.J. Willems, Marie-Chantal Mutimawurugo, Luzimar G. Fernandez, Renato D. de Castro, Wilco Ligterinka and Henk W.M. Hilhorst (2015). Metabolite profiling of Ricinus communis germination at different temperatures provides new insights into thermo-mediated requirements for successful seedling establishment. Plant Science 239 (2015) 180–191.
6. Efficacy of application frequencies of plant extracts on management of potato bacterial wilt (ralstonia solanacearum smith) (2022). Accepter but not yet published in International Journal of Horticultural Science
7. Effect of onsen water on growth and fruit quality of tomatoes under hydroponic system (2022). Accepter but not yet published in journal of Advances in Horticulture Science
8. M.F Rwalina, N.K Umuhoza, M.C Mutimawurgo, T. Uwiringiyimana (2022) ‘’Effect of fertilizers and storage methods on yield, quality and shelf life of carrot in Rwanda’’ Not yet accepted
Consultancies conducted
• GENERAL CONSULTANCY & TRADING COMPANY LTD (GCTC) in a project ‘’ ‘’The Climate Resilient Post-harvest and Agri-business Support Project (PASP)’’ Implemented by the Ministry of Agriculture and Animal Resources (MINAGRI) and Heifer International (HI) in Rwanda.
• Consultanty of REMA and APEFA in Climate Smart Agriculture and Action Plan for food security, environmental protection, and strengthening the resilience of livelihoods in Mayaga Regiron (Gisagara, Nyanza, Ruhango, and Kamonyi)/ Rwanda.
• Consultanty of Higher Education Council (HEC) and Rwanda Polytechnics (RP) in ‘’Development and Implementation of curricula, Crop Production and Horticulture Programs’’, ‘’RTB-TVET market survey’’, and ‘’ Institutional audit in implementation of the curriculum’’
• Consultanty in ‘’ Improved Farming Methods for Sustainable Agriculture and Post-harvest handling of horticultural crops-Trainings & Development of training materials related to vegetables, fruits and mushroom production and post-harvest handling’’ for NUDOR (National Union of Disabilities Organisation of Rwanda) Stakeholders/Farmers.
• Consultancy in ‘’Development and Translation of modules of Horticultural Crops Production in Rwanda’’ for FAO (TA/SAIP)/Rwanda
• Consultancy in ‘’Development and Translation of modules of Horticultural Crops Production in Rwanda’’ for AGRITERA/ Rwanda


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