Hamudu Rukangantambara,PhD

16 Feb 2022

Department : Department of Soil Sciences
Office Location : Busogo Campus
Phone Number : +250783021577
E-mail : hrukangantambara@ur.ac.rw

Education Background

Post-Doctoral research fellow sponsored by the CV Raman International Fellowship Foundation for African Researchers in India
Topics : Mineralization of hard and soft wood charcoal in soil. Division environmental soil chemistry
Ph.D. Biological Sciences in the Specialty 03.00.27 “Soil Sciences.”
Russian State Agrarian University- Timiryazev Moscow Agricultural Academic, Dept. of Soil Sciences. By decision of the Thesis Council Dated December11,2006, No.5. Issue of Diplome Dated March09, 2007 No. 9K/99. Series DKH no.016456. City of Moscow
Thesis topic : The comparative analysis of labile humic substance of Virgin Soil.
Master of Science in Agronomy
Ukraine National Agrarian University –Kiev( Former Ukraine Academic of Agricultural Sciences), Faculty of Agricultural chemistry and Soil sciences
Specialty : Agricultural chemistry.
Thesis : The influence of fertilization on grain yield and biochemical quality of winter wheat

Field of interest and research activities :

Soil fertility management : applying fertilizer system, composting system (compost and vermocompost), bioferitizer,( Soil health/ Soil Quality : Soil biology and chemistry).
Soil survey and mapping on based GIS and soil conservation.


RUKANGANTAMBARA, H., MAMOTOV, V.G and KONCHIT,V.A. The thermal analysis of labile humic substance in virgin soil. Soil fertility jounal, Vol3, issue30, Moscow, Russia,2006

RUKANGANTAMBARA, H., MAMOTOV, V.G and SOBAKIN, Y. The optical properties of labile humic substance in virigin soil. Soil fertility jounal, Vol3, issue 36, Moscow, Russia, 2007

RUKANGANTAMBARA, H., MAMOTOV, V.G. The molecular weight component of labile humic substance in virigin soil. Published in the reports of agrarian university of Moscow. Issues 281, Moscow, Russia, 2009.
RUKANGANTAMBARA, H., .The analysis geomorphological impact on increase of land degradation in Rwanda. Paper presented at 2nd International scientific – pratical onferences. ‘’ Actual problems of reservoirs and their watershed’’. May 26 – 28 Perm, Russia, 2009.
Rukangantambara, H. Maniriho, G. and Habumugisha J. D. Effect of varied nutrient solution concentration of P,Mo,S,Al and Mn supply to soil on the nitrogen fixation of two leguminous species pigeon pea (Cajanus cajan) and whit leadtree (Leucaena leucocephala) at Nyaruguru district, southern Rwanda.

East African Journal of Science and Technology (EAJST), Volume 1 issue2, 2012 Rukangantambara, H and Kundu,S. The Changes in Soil Carbon Mineralization as Affected by Different Bio-Char Application. Journal of Environmental Management and Safety, Vol. 4, No. 1, (2013) 66 – 80

HABUMUGISHA, J. D., RUKANGANTAMBARA, H. and SIBO-NKINZEHIKI, J.D. 2014. Effect de l’Agroforesterie pour la Conservation durable des Sols Agricoles du district de Gicumbi, Rwanda. Journal Of Social and Applied Sciences. Volume2,(2310 -3205), Ed.,IPB( Institut Polyetechnique de Byumba, Rwanda. Website : www.ipb.ac.rw
RUKANGANTAMBARA H., TAREMWA KANUMA N. and HABUMUGISHA J. D. Effect of selected Land Use Types on Spatial Distribution of Soil Health within Bugesera AgroEcological Zone in the Central Plateau, Eastern Province of Rwanda

RUKANGANTAMBARA H., TAREMWA KANUMA N. and HABUMUGISHA J.D. Effect of Fluctuation of Wetting and Drying phenomena on Soil Fertility status under Rice cultivation in Wetland Soil in Rwanda


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