Dr.Florence Uwamahoro

10 Feb 2022

Names : Florence Uwamahoro
Department : Crop Sciences
Position : Lecturer and Ag. DRI
Academic rank : Lecturer
Area of specialization : Plant Pathology
Telephone : 0786727564
Email : umflora@gmail.com or f.uwamahoro@ur.ac.rw

Short CV :
Florence Uwamahoro is a Young PhD Graduate in Biology with specialization in Plant Pathology from the Department of Forest Mycology and Plant Pathology at the Swedish University of Agriculture Sciences, where she graduated in October 2019. She has an MSc degree in Plant Pathology from the University of Agricultural Sciences (UAS) Bangalore in India, and BSc degree in Crop Production and Horticulture from the National University of Rwanda. Florence is a Lecturer at the University of Rwanda-College of Agriculture, Animal Sciences and Veterinary Medicine (UR-CAVM) since 2012 teaching Plant protection related courses. From March-August 2020, Florence was appointed in the Directorate of Research and Innovation, as a Research and Communication Officer at UR-CAVM. From September 2020 till now, Florence is Acting Director of Research and Innovation at UR-CAVM.
• PhD Thesis entitled “Banana Xanthomonas wilt and Potato bacterial wilt in Rwanda : Biology, risk factors and farmers’ awareness”.
• MSc Thesis entitled “Management of tomato damping-off caused by Pythium aphanidermatum (Edson) Fitzp. Through Integrated approach.”
• Team member of a 4 years (2021-2024) project funded by NCST on “Capitalizing on marigold bio-pesticide properties to leverage on the outputs of natural products made in Rwanda” conducted by a consortium composed of UR-CAVM, RAB, UTAB, SOPYRWA staffs.

Conference Presentations
• Risk factors associated with Potato bacterial wilt in Rwanda. 20th Triennial EAPR Conference 2017, 9-14th July 2017. Versailles, France. Poster.
• Assessment of host range and banana cultivars susceptibility to X. campestris pv. musacearum. ICPP 29 July - 03 August 2018. Boston, MA, USA. Poster.
• Banana xanthomonas wilt- epidemiological factors and farmers’ level of awareness in Rwanda. Future Plant Disease Epidemiology 13-14th September 2017. Uppsala, Sweden. Oral.
• Population structure of the Pathogen causing potato bacterial wilt in Rwanda. African Potato Association (APA) Conference 25th-28th August 2019. Kigali, Rwanda. Oral.

1. Uwamahoro et al. (2018), Potato bacterial wilt in Rwanda : Occurrence, risk factors, farmers’ knowledge and attitudes. Food Security 10:1221–1235
2. Uwamahoro et al. (2019), Management strategies for banana Xanthomonas wilt in Rwanda include mixing indigenous and improved cultivars. Agronomy for Sustainable Development 39:22
3. Uwamahoro et al. (2019), Host range and Banana cultivars’ susceptibility to Xanthomonas campestris pv. musacearum in Rwanda. African Crop Science Journal 27 (3) : 463 - 478.
4. Uwamahoro et al. (2020), Ralstonia solanacearum causing potato bacterial wilt : host range and cultivars’ susceptibility in Rwanda. Plant Pathology 69:559–568.


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