UR-CAVM and SEAD Rwanda Project organize a 5 days’ workshop to review the Curriculum of the BSc Agribusiness Programs

The University of Rwanda as a public Higher Learning Institution of Rwanda is mandated to training and doing research in order to providing the country with a workforce fit for purpose, and solutions enabling Rwanda to implement the set vision and policies toward sustainable development.

The College of Agriculture, Animal Sciences and Veterinary Medicine (CAVM) as an entity of the University of Rwanda aims to promoting Agribusiness as one of the priority areas of Government of Rwanda to attain the socio-economic transformation and wellbeing of Rwandans. CAVM stands a strategic player in the implementation of the fourth edition of Strategic Plan for Agriculture Transformation also known as (PSTA4) Plan Strategic pour la Transformation de l’agriculture (2018-2024).

By promoting Agribusiness, CAVM takes part in the process geared to developing adequate and relevant training and research programmes to support the PSTA4’s vision for leaving Rwanda in a productive, green and market-led agricultural sector by ensuring food and nutrition security and economic growth through modern agribusiness technologies and professionalizing farmers.



Thus, the curriculum review targets to revisit the current agribusiness curriculum offered by the college and make analysis of its relevance and alignment with the development agenda and policies of the country. 


This five days’ workshop brought together lecturers from different higher learning institution private and public, the private sector, UR Alumni in agri-business, programme managers, policy makers and other various stakeholders to map out the skills and knowledge required in the area of agribusiness, identify gaps in the training programme and corresponding modules/courses towards the development of an improved and relevant BSc Agribusiness program curriculum. 


Story by Hubert BIZIMANA

E.A to the Principal