The Department of Agricultural Mechanization

The Department of Agricultural Mechanization, first of its kind in Rwanda was established in the year 2008 in Busogo. Currently 95 students are studying in Bachelor Degree program apart from 17 students who are undergoing in training in Israel. The Department has 5 permanent Academic staffs to do teaching, research and extension.

The department is actively engaged in research and development projects in the following areas:

Department of Agricultural Mechanization Staffs
  • Farm Power
  • Farm Machinery
  • Agricultural Process Engineering
  • Renewable Energy Sources

Main objective

To train Agriculture Engineers competent to handle Farm Power and Machinery, Agricultural Processing and renewable energy sources.


  • Two Tractors with various attachments
  • 10 Power tillers with various attachments
  • Mechanization Workshop
  • ICT lab
  • Library
  • Farm for practice, training & research

Transfer of Technology & Community outreach

The Department is actively participating in training farmers of different Cells of Busogo Sector on tractor and power tiller field operation, Irrigation pump etc

The Department is embarking on transfer of the know -how and its application to the Rural Community by Agricultural Mechanization for sustainable production and improved rural livelihood.

The low cost replicable technologies are emphasized for sustainable mechanization of resources management and fast rural economic transformation to achieve vision 2020 within the given time frame.


The academic staff of the Department has developed standards and technical regulations on Agricultural Mechanization & Irrigation for Rwanda Bureau of Standard (RBS)

The academic staff of the Department has developed standards and technical regulations on Post harvest handling and storage for Rwanda Bureau of Standard (RBS)

The consultancy services in the fields of Agricultural Mechanization, crop processing and value addition, use of renewable energy sources and agro industrial entrepreneurship and management are also offered by the expert academic staff from the Department.

 Job Opportunities

  • Task-Force for Irrigation and Mechanization (MINAGRI)
  • Task-Force for Post Harvest handling (MINAGRI)
  • Tractor Industry
  • Tea & Coffee Estates
  • Processing Industries
  • Dairy Industries
  • Research Institutions
  • Private Industry
  • Teaching in Secondary School


Dr. Deepak Das    
Senior Lecturer of Agricultural Engineering & Head of the Department of  Agricultural Mechanization (AM) with specialization in

  • Farm Power and  Machinery
  • Irrigation and Drainage
  • Precision Farming Machinery
  • Ergonomics in Agriculture

22 years of experience in Teaching, Research, Extension and Mentorship
Mobile: +250785791965