Induction Week Closing Ceremony

17 Jul 2023

On 16th June 2023 at University of Rwanda, College of Agriculture, Animal Sciences and Veterinary Medicine (UR-CAVM) Busogo Campus in main auditorium, CAVM community attend the 2022-2023 academic year, induction week closing ceremony.

Induction is a periodically session of introducing the academic regulations, behavior and key services that can be served by new students. During the induction week, different speakers introduced administrative leaders to new students, as different session continues students get more explanations about academic rules and regulations, security, healthy issues, financial programs, duties and different manners that can support new students to feel familiar with the campus environment.

By initiating this ceremony, Mr. GAFISHI Faustin, the guest from Musanze district introduces the exemplary aspiring work of driving the nation to the abreast. He teaches the students to love the country by attending national programs like ITORERO where they get more morals about their home country which is Rwanda, on the same date, new students get the new name known as INKATARIZAKURUSHA, and wear the crown of being INYANGAKUGOMA which is the name of Musanze ITORERO Program.

In his closing remarks, Dr. Guillaume NYAGATARE, the Principal of UR-CAVM warmly welcomes the new students who join INTAGAMBURUZWA which is the name given to students who study in all UR colleges, he also advises them to work together referring to the demonstration done which show that if they don’t work as a team, they don’t achieve the goals. “As you had seen in the exemplary practice you did, if you didn’t unite and work together you can’t achieve anything in your life, finally I encourage you working hard and working together as the team, this will drive your ambition and dreams to its final destination” said NYAGATARE.

After the closing remarks, in an open discussion with one of the new students says that when he joined Busogo campus everything was new but by attending different induction week sessions he got new skills, exploring campus nature and learning new habits such as being with other students in the campus hostels as well.


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