Closing session of MLAB

Under collaboration between UR-CAVM career guidance unit and MLAB association close a session of MLAB training attended by students during three weeks at UR –CAVM, Busogo Campus.  
Students gets many skills on design thinking, financial literacy, life with purposes and facilitation skills which will help them to develop a sense of problem solving and creativity that is required to be successful after their school life in order to cope with personal and community challenges.
The objective of the training is to help the students to get a clear vision describing where they want to be in their near future and set up a plan of strategy that will help them reach that goal, having a vision to have an influence on their success, articulate plan of strategies that will help them reach their vision, be able to solve any challenges faced along the way instead of leaving them controlled by life challenges and setting strategies to deal with those challenges, design thinking process to solve community problems, to discover every one’s creativity in each and every situation and develop ability to think independently in solving problem and how to approach a very common life issue, to explore the importance of clear financial forecast from early age by prioritizing while spending and finally develop a saving culture and investment for profit and cash flow.