Congratulations! Didace NDAHIMANA was awarded PhD in Food and Nutrition from South Korea

On August 22, 2018: Three years after joining Gangneung-Wonju National University, Didace NDAHIMANA of UR-CAVM received his Ph.D. in Food and Nutrition.

His thesis is entitled "Model Development and Validity Assessment for Predicting Energy Needs of the Elderly - Using Double-edged Potable Water and Indirect Calorimetry".

This paper summarizes the results of the HIS research project conducted with Professor Kim Eun-Kyung.

According to his interview with daily UNN website, Didace said that "the most difficult experience I had while studying in Korea was studying Korean language. Particularly, it was very difficult to prepare for the Korean Language Test. The most delightful thing was the first paper I prepared for my Ph.D. (Abstract) and I received the excellent oral paper at the 2016 Summer Clinical Nutrition Society of Korea. "

His dream is “to contribute to the development of food and nutrition in Rwanda using skills and knowledge gained at Wonju National University

Didace poses after the award of PhD degree