UR–CAVM systematizes International Career Day

On 28th February 2018, the University of Rwanda -college of Agriculture, Animal Sciences and veterinary Medicine (UR-CAVM) in partnership with DOT Rwanda, GIZ You Match and other partnering institution organizes an international Career day under the theme “Innovation and Creativity, the key to Sustained Youth Employability in Agriculture”. The event takes place at UR –Busogo Campus in the main Auditorium & Exhibition Hall. The event brought together visitors from outside the country, different public and private institutions working in Musanze District and within the country. The objective of the event is to connect students, alumni, staff and employing organizations.

Dr Letitia NYINAWAMWIZA welcoming the visitors

Dr. Letitia NYINAWAMWIZA, the Principal of UR-CAVM in her welcoming remarks thanks all public and private institutions, visitors from Uganda, Kenya, Tanzania and Botswana, visitors from the country, UR staff and students who attended the event. She thanks public and private companies for offering internship, industrial attachment to UR-CAVM students but also giving jobs to their graduates and hoping for continuous support. “As higher learning Institution, the University of Rwanda believes that the degrees alone are no longer sufficient for our graduate to succeed and flourish in this 21st century, they need more entrepreneurship and networking skills, knowledge so that once they graduate they go out equipped with labor market information that can help them succeed in labor market” Added Dr. Letitia NYINAWAMWIZA.

Regional Learning Manager from DOT presenting the achievements via the career center

Mr. NDEKEZI, Regional Learning Manager from DOT (Digital Opportunity Trust) as the main Sponsor Institution of the event, highlighted its main achievements. DOT is helping the fellow students and the career Centre of UR-CAVM to discover huge opportunities of using existing resources in the college so that it increases the uptake of services by the students. DOT develops a pear to pear coaching model with a peer to peer coaching guide so that student volunteer can fellow student in career related matters in how to find opportunities, in interviews for jobs and work experience. It develops employability skills guide that is available at career center and the students who have been trained will be using the same resources to train other students. DOT has deployed some of its senior coaches at the college to work with the student so that they can transfer that skills to the career center of the college. It has trained students in employability skills trainings, mapping and looking for opportunities, partners who could offer opportunities for work experience and jobs.

PSF Represemtative in Northern Province giving his closing remarks

The President of Private Sector Federation (PSF) in north province who was the guest of honor, challenges students who can fundraising money for birthdays for wedding that they can fundraise more for business, he emphasizes that it not a problem of money but a problem of thinking. He added that Agriculture is a key sector as long as people eat there is and will be always opportunity of the market, that is way students in the field of Agriculture made a good choice “You should not waste your time in social media but use all tools of communication in thinking big, be creative and competitive there is no mediocrities in this country we all have to work hard, take advantage that are available”. He made a commitment whereby private Sector in Northern Province will be always picking students from UR-CAVM for Internship.

During the exhibition session, successful business men and women and students were invite to show their products. Among the presenters, the first and best research project were awarded.

The first research project was awarded

More event photos

UR Staff and visitors following presentations

The audience following welcome remarks

UR-CAVM Principal got certificate as the first adm. staff to help the career center

The first woman winner during the exhibitionr

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