Career Advisory Center


Welcome to the UR Directorate of Careers and Employability Services (CES) at Busogo Campus. This unit serves to support all other UR-CAVM academic and administrative units to provide high quality careers and employability service to all students which embed curriculum and graduate attributes to produce a fit for work graduate. Careers education and employability skills training, information and practical support is given to students in a strategic, systematic, entrepreneurial and creative manner.

The general purpose of this unit is to provide primary means of enabling UR students to make a smooth transition to work. It is a comprehensive approach that is required to integrate young women and men in the labour market, including relevant and quality skills training, labour market information, career guidance and employment services, recognition of prior learning, incorporating entrepreneurship with training and effective skills forecasting.


We provide career information services necessary for planning, achieving and maintaining employment. This includes information on occupations, skills, career pathways, trends in the labor market and training programs available to meet these goals and to prepare students for work. The services include but not limited to the following:


A.Career Guidance Services

Opening Hours:  Mondays to Fridays from 08:00-16:30


These are basic services that students can befit from as they interact with CES Staff and its volunteer team. They pertain to better understanding of UR-CAVM programs, University vison, mission and values.

  1. Career information provision (in print, visual or verbal, ICT-based and other forms),
  2. Assessment and self-assessment tools to know and develop your individual skills, values, interests and personality traits which play a major role setting your Personal Development Plan (PDP).
  3. Career Counselling interviews (on-on-one) to orient you better in your career paths (upon appointment)
  4. Career education programs: These are a set of skills development presentations/ workshops conducted either at individual level or in groups by CES Staff or peer to peer aimed at improve students’ study skills, listening, reading and writing skills to encourage self-directed learning and research doing. For example, the student will learn about writing and editing CVs, cover letters and handling interviews, debates and competitions to rise their confidence and public speaking skills. They also comprise of special academic orientation programs.
  5. Continuing Induction and special academic orientation: This program aims at formally welcome new students and provides a general introduction to CAVM academic programs and learning facilities. It introduces new and ongoing students to the skills, knowledge and demands of their respective programs of study to maximize learning opportunities and to maximize retention and progression;

B.Employability Skills development Services

These are services that the CES jointly perform together with Schools and Departments and other academic as well as administrative units to contribute to the development of qualities, skills and personal attributes that students need to gain employment, create jobs and be successful in their chosen occupations, which benefits themselves, the workforce, the community and the economy. CES has external partner institutions that help to deliver the services.


  1. Employment Readiness Skills Development (ERSD) /Training services: To help students build their work-readiness skills. The CES organizes workshops at departmental level which help students to get ready for employment. The focus is on the following work-readiness skills: Personal development Plan; Interpersonal communication; Work Habit and conduct; Leadership; Safety and health at work; Worker and employer Rights and Responsibilities; Financial fitness; Exploring entrepreneurship; Managing Internship


Time: Wednesdays afternoons from 2.00 p.m. to 5.00


7.Mentorship and coaching services (MCS) are provided by the Faculty Staff (Lecturers), other educators of UR-CAVM, career volunteers and its prominent Alumni as well as artner institutions to help individual or groups of students to farther develop the work-readiness skills and instill in them the following graduate attributes and values:


Attribute 1

Personal, Intellectual, Professional Autonomy and Astuteness

Attribute 2

Employability and Career Development

Attribute 3

Global Citizenship

Attribute 4

Lifelong Learning

Attribute 5

Collaboration, Teamwork and Leadership

Attribute 6

Research, Creativity and Innovation, Scholarship and Enquiry

Attribute 7

Subject Knowledge and Professional Skills

Attribute 8

Communication and Information Literacy

Attribute 9

Ethical, Social and Professional Understanding

Attribute 10

Financial Literacy


  • Each student is assigned a mentor who they meet regularly to discuss matters and issues concerning their academic performance and employability.
  • The mentee (student) can negotiate a time schedule to meet his or her mentor. Mentorship and coaching services are often conducted in groups on every Wednesday but it is up to the individual student and his/her mentor to establish a schedule to meet at any time as per agreement.

Opening time: Wednesdays afternoons from 2.00 p.m. to 5.00 or as per arrangement between you and your mentor.

8.Careers exhibitions and exposure services:

Aimed at providing opportunities for students to get exposed to potential employers and skills development for the world of work through career fairs for on campus recruitment, academic and professional internships, community services and roadshows. All these services increase the student’s self-awareness and employment opportunity mapping.

Documents and policies



CES collaborates with a wide range of internal and external institutions to advance students’ employment readiness skills and maximize their academic success opportunities.

External partners


Area of partnership

Digital Opportunity Trust (Dot Rwanda)

Internship opportunities; mentoring and coaching services to develop students’ employabilities; Career Centre development


  • Mentorship and Coaching students: Leadership opportunities, international internships, and international volunteer opportunities; career fairs /events management

One Acre Funda

  • Professional, paid internships to fresh graduates


  • Academic internships; professional training of CAVM graduates

Rwanda Best Ltd

  • Internships; practical trainings

Rural Development Initiative (RDI)mentori

  • Student mentorship and coaching
  • Internship opportunity mapping for students

Imbaraga Famers’ Organization

  • Students’ internships

Urwibutso Entreprise NYIRANGARAMA

  • Mentorship and coaching; academic internships

Rwanda Mountain Tean (RMT)

  • Student Field visits; professional paid internships


  • Mentorship and coaching; academic and professional internships

E-DEV (Entraide et Development)

  • Internships

Zamura Feed

  • Industrial attachment; internships for fresh graduates; mentoring and coaching


  • Mentorship and coaching of small business projects


  • Internships

Akazi Kanoze

  • Mentorship and coaching for students’ employability



Easy Hatch


Peace Corps

  • Mentoring and coaching; Career Centre development


  • Academic Internships




Service Staff

Name and photo



In charge of

Francois Ndwaniye

Acting Director of Careers and Employability Services


Phone: 0788860088

Twitter: @francondwaniye


Planning, maintaining, operating and supervising CES’ activities

Bertine Mukakarangwa

Career Guidance Officer (CGO)


Phone: 07888471348

Career Centre daily works; Career Advisory services; career development workshops, competitions; students’ career choices and development ; assistance in academic internships placement

Alice Uwamahoro

Internship Placement Officer (IPO)


Phone: 0788951577

Students’ industrial visits, Attachments and linkages between the College and Industry; professional internship for fresh graduates; Alumni database and network

Consolee Musabwayire

Career Guidance Officer (CGO)


Phone: 0788647605

Career Centre daily works; Career Advisory services; career development workshops, competitions; students’ career choices and development ; assistance in academic internships placement